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Specific solutions corresponding to your business needs

We and our global partners are having more than 10 years Banking and Technology
experience as assist utmost level of levering the technology to finance and others SME’s industries.

SME’s Crowdfunding

For platforms connecting people and innovative projects.


For platforms connecting businesses and consumers (B2C, B2B, C2C).


For platforms building tomorrow's financial services.

Our Unique Features

White-Label Solution

Focus on giving the best experience to your users. Design and integrate your payment flow to ensure a smooth user experience within your web and mobile app.

eBanking API & SDK

Create and control the seamless payment experiences that fit your needs with our open API & SDK.

Seamless Payments

Deliver seamless and secure payment experiences that delight your customers.

Personalized Notification

We support out-of-the-box customisable user interfaces and APIs that customers can use to build their own user experience.

Multiple Debit Card Integration

We provide consulting for MasterCard and UnionPay, dual cards platform. Internationally recognized prepaid cards.

Multi-Platform Solution

Setup your platform or integrate our payment solution? Provide your users with a unique IBAN directly linked to their e-wallet.

Ready to scale your business?

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