High Risk Business  Payment Processing

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Our payment processing is the most recommended payment gateway in Latin America, Europe and Caribbean region.

The application has a simple self-onboarding process in which the users can fill in the required details and register themselves to start using the application.

Supported Industries

Real Estate

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Fast onboarding and will update you within 48 hours

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Accepted payments include card payments and local payments methods which are PCI compliance and 3D secure

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What do we offer?

Fast Merchant Onboarding

A smooth and automated KYC/AML process which gives you assurance that your platform does not service sanctioned entities or personnel.

High Risk Payment Processing

We have a partnership with card issuers and trusted banks giving you more processing capacity and better terms.

Localized Payment Methods

We help grow your business via a network of payment methods that allow the acceptance of payments and settle funds regardless of the country you operate in.

Simple Integration

Integrate any of our software solutions on your website or app by inserting a few lines of code and there’s no complicated back-end scripting or API integrations.

Our Gateway Features

A gateway is a great way to keep your internal or personal IT structure separate from the public cloud. You can still access cloud services and all the benefits from all its advantages but the separation will ensure all information is centralized and secure which has a direct impact on both productivity and security.

  • Fast setup and approval
  • Fraud management
  • Daily payouts
  • Chargeback protection
  • 24/7 account support
  • Intelligent reporting
  • High approval rates
  • Secure payment gateway


Payment and banking for the high risk industry

  • We specialize in providing merchant account and  acquire solutions that help grow your business.

  • We’ll help you launch and deliver ongoing support. After the partnership launches, we will help you maximize your revenue.

  • Transparent commission reporting is available 24/7.


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