A Fintech Payments solution built for

Corporations, PSPs,

Marketplaces and others Fintechs

BAAS - eBanking

BaaS essentially enables non-bank organizations to efficiently offer regulated, compliant and secure financial.

IBAN Account

IBANs are designed to simplify international bank transfer and also send or receive payments across borders

Cross-Border Payments

Faster, cheaper, more transparent and inclusive cross-border payments for supporting economic growth.

Issue unique multi-currency IBANs or Prepaid Card

to  your customers under your brand

Unique international and local payment platform

Access international and local payment platform

Instant access for business banking  seamlessly in multiple countries worldwide via our multi-currency APIs. Connect to local payment platform for a faster, more transparent payments, designed for global businesses. Plug into our platform to build a customized payment solution fully tailored to your business needs.

Turn costs

into revenue streams

Your  direct   access 

to  our  API  platform

Easy and Simple API Integration – You are most welcome to use our WAAS (Wallet as a Service ) or BAAS ( Bank as a Service) architecture of various fintech models to launch a start-up or expand an existing business.

Major Fintech Model such as 

  • Add Fund
  • P2P Money Transfers
  • Top-up and Withdrawal
  • Payment acceptance includes recurring payment, subscription, and invoicing

We offer a BaaS platform – Banking services for financial providers with the opportunity to expand the boundaries of their business. That includes IBAN,Sort Code, Account No. Virtual Card and Co-Branding Prepaid Card Issuing- SEPA Credit transfers, segregated accounts, and other fast and flexible solutions for EEA/UK Region individual and businesses.

We provide all the technical and consultation services you need for a successful business expansion or start-up development.

We have everything

you need

Branded Prepaid Card Provider in Malta

Segregated accounts

Storage of funds, in compliance with all security requirements, in separate accounts in a licensed EU Bank, separating the financial institution's client funds from the institution's own funds

Currency exchange services

Mitigate the risks of exchange rate fluctuations and plan your cash flow with our currency services spot, forward and FX SWAP transactions

Accepting Visa, Mastercard and Apple Pay payments

A great opportunity for merchants to accept payments for goods and services from anywhere in the world

Easy API integration

Direct and reliable connection to our payment infrastructure

SEPA Instant

Transfers executed in seconds - accelerate the development of euro instant payments

Virtual IBAN

Assign a unique IBAN to each customer, making it easy to send and receive payments worldwide