Our e-Money Wallet Prepaid Cards

e-Money Wallet is an ordinary credit card where your customer is effectively spending credit rather than money they actually have. Prepaid cards are “loaded” with credit that has been paid for in advance  and the customer can then use this card as they would a normal credit card until the money has been used up. They can do “top up” for the card repeatedly providing them with a convenient way of carrying out transactions.

Get best prepaid card solutions including Mastercard integration, gift cards, loyalty card program, and also virtual prepaid card service at one place. We are the best and one of the top prepaid card solution provider in the EEA, EU And Latin America, as well as best international Debit Card, Visa Card, and Master Card integration services provider.

We integrate and provide consultation on various cards such as MasterCard, Visa, UnionPay, and others.

Generally, cards are globally accepted

Prepaid card gives you loads of advantages and international acceptability. You can also choose for a nonphysical NFC card that can reside in your mobile phone for contactless payments. With our card you can:

  Load from any bank account— domestic or international

  Pay directly to any bank account—domestic or international

  Pay at any POS terminals around the globe

  Withdraw local currency from any ATMs (Physical Card Only)

  Access to a portal for card management and loading

  International card program

  Available in major currencies

  Instant issuance available

Master Card

Online shopping and in stores

You are always able to shop in store retailers using chip and PIN for more secure purchase in addition to online shopping from the biggest online stores worldwide.

Card-to-card money transfer

Card-to-card transfer enables you to transfer funds online to friends and family members quick, easy, and convenient.

Get cash fast

Use your Visa prepaid card at millions of ATMs worldwide since Visa is accepted anywhere.

Our variety of e-Money Prepaid Card

Our e-Money wallet prepaid card gives you cashless payment convenience with worldwide recognition coupled with widely recognized Visa Inc. and Mastercard as per your requirement.



Stored Value and Sales Boost

Whether you’re launching a new product, having event giveaways, promoting a contest or offering corporate gifts and awards, gift cards and supporting materials can be branded with your logo or design. Card denominations can be pre-set, flexible, or a combination of both.



Customer Loyalty and Promotion 

Offering meaningful rewards creates another point of differentiation from your competition and opens another channel to create strong relationships with your customers.



Fast and Efficient

By using our virtual prepaid card programs, it is great when you are looking to quickly implement an online program for your customers. This prepaid virtual cards work exactly the same as normal prepaid cards without the physical card. 



View Transactions in Real Time

Our prepaid cards provide transfer funds from your prepaid card to another prepaid card instantaneously. For example, for allowance, paying a loan or just being generous. You can check your card balance in real time and view detailed transaction information.



Cost Effective and Smart

We provide employers and employees with a convenient, secure, and low-cost payroll alternative that increases financial freedom. With this, you can grow profitability by offering your own card to employees, agents, distributors, and channel partners.



Value-Added Services

Generic cards are  traceable and flexible, and we provide to promote your brand with this easy to manage, easy to use, and cost-effective. It’s also highly fast, secure, and works in any type of payment structure.

Manage your own card programme through our e-Money license

As an e-Money institution and principal of Mastercard and VISA networks, we can provide sponsorship to organizations that are not financial institutions, but still wish to have their own e-Wallet accounts and run prepaid card programmes.


   We provide:

  • A compliant connection between organizations and prepaid card provider
  • Fast transaction processing and the settlement of cardholders’ funds
  • Reconciliation of funds to the program’s account
  • Full regulatory compliance

   The benefits include:

  • Non-financial institutions can manage their own programmer without the need of an e-Money license
  • Our platform has been expertly designed to provide clear and detailed reporting on funds settlement
  • As experts in the card issuing field, we will guide you to ensure that your programmer and card designs meet scheme requirements

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