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We are Top IBAN Account Provider Company in Germany from a network of International banks. Our banking partners have been hand picked to ensure they’re able to facilitate your incoming and outgoing European and International payments. We consolidate the management of all your online IBAN accounts through a single platform under a single agreement – so you’re always able to retrieve and move your funds, as your business demands. Hire Best IBAN account provider in Germany.

  • Open IBAN accounts online in your companies name
  • Access to different banks from a single platform, application and agreement
  • Mitigate banking solution risks
  • Scale your virtual IBAN accounts, from one to many, as and when you need
  • Instant settlements from emoneyWallet’s merchant accounts

One interface. Multiple IBAN accounts.

Our single interface provides unlimited access to our network of leading Germany,  and International based banks. We are Best IBAN Account Services Provider Agency in Germany. This means you’re able to open multiple, multi-currency online IBAN accounts in your company’s name, with ease, all from one IBAN account agreement with us. Every online IBAN account provided through our platform is linked to a safeguarded bank account, to ensure your funds are secure at all times, while also supporting in mitigating risk.

Multi-currency IBAN accounts. 18 currencies in, 134 currencies out.

Multi-currency IBAN accounts allow you to receive payments in: AUD, CAD, CHF, CZK, DKK, EUR, GBP, HKD, HUF, NOK, NZD, PLN, SEK, SGD, TRY, USD, YEN and ZAR.

Regardless of the currency your online IBAN account is issued in, we can support you in making outgoing international payments to third-parties around the globe in 134 currencies.

  • SWIFT Multi-currency
  • SEPA Euro
  • GBP Faster Payments
  • FX Payments

One card. Many accounts.

Through our platform you can apply for a Visa debit card that is linked to all your online IBAN accounts, at different banks, in different countries. This allows the card to draw down on the aggregated balance of all of your IBAN accounts (regardless of where the bank is based), making managing cash flow a breeze.

With Visa debit cards you can:
  • Access company funds held in your online IBAN accounts
  • Offer employees linked cards for simplified accounting and expense management
  • Control spending with set card limits
  • Benefit from Visa’s global acceptance

Delivering control

  • Tailor our platform to your needs with set controls and parameters
  • Manage and assign specific users to online IBAN accounts
  • Access a dedicated support team
  • Leverage a single log-in for access to all accounts, companies, banks and groups
  • Easy navigation and access to all features

Assuring security

  • Security and compliance specialists ensure our platform, infrastructure and data flow remains secure
  • Real-time transaction monitoring to ensure safety of transfers
  • 2-factor authentication to access the platform

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How to open an IBAN account online:

Step 1

Click the ‘Apply today’ button below and complete our short pre-application form, or get in contact with us via our contact page.

Step 2

Once we’ve received your application, you’ll be contacted by one of our sales representatives to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

Step 3

We will then email you a link to our online IBAN application form, which will be reviewed by our team, along with any supporting documentation requested.

Step 4

After everything has been authenticated and approved, usually within two business days, your virtual IBAN will be set up and ready to go.

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