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Like many other countries, Lithuania has a very specific financial systems that directly influence how people pay their purchases. In essence, consumers are used to paying in cash and even those who have a card usually feel more comfortable paying cash simply out of habit. 

We are the Best Ewallet App Solution Company in Lithuania  who provides you the way to accept online payments on any device or channel whatever your business model is. Surely, you’ll be up and running quickly since you can add payment methods easily and increase your conversion rates in no time!

eWallet App Development Company in Lithuania

The global market for mobile wallets is going to reach $7.58 billion by 2027, according to Allied Market Research. Are you afraid there’s no space to enter this market because of Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay? It is never too late—you may create even better digital wallets. Collaborate with ours, the top ewallet Application Development Company in Lithuania and gain your market share in a growing sphere!

What Is An eWallet Mobile App?

It is an electronic analog of a wallet designed to store information for debit and credit cards. Digital wallets allow your end customers to make purchases or online payments via cell phone, smartwatch, and other similar devices. Mobile wallet solutions may also be suitable for prepaid and gift cards. EWallet mobile applications contain info about all online payments on any site or in any store. Mobile wallet app development enables users to send money via bank transfer using a mobile device, discharge contactless payment via QR code, allow carrying out directly secure payments in e-wallet apps with straight access to bank account, and many more.

Benefit from e-wallet

  • Ensure convenience and efficiency
  • Increase Conversion Rate
  • Reduce Abandoned carts
  • Lower Transaction Fees
  • Simplify refunds
  • Enhance Security
  • Increase Profits
  • Expand clients bases

eWallet Development Solutions We Offer

A merchant in today’s world without a mobile wallet? Complete nonsense! Hurry to implement business-focused and risk-free eWallet solutions.

Do you want to build a wallet that has the possibility to pay via Face ID, Touch ID, Passcode, NFC or other features and possibilities without hiring a bunch of narrowly-specialized development teams? We’re here to help you build a completely customized wallet.

Do you already have a mobile wallet and want to add some features but are afraid the structure is not scalable? That’s easy to solve. Even if you want to add solutions to your mobile wallet services or triple a set of functions your app has now. Give us a call today.

Dynamic Panel For eWallet Mobile App

  • Data control
  • Merchant and user management
  • Analytics dashboards
  • Revenue management
  • Security management
  • Offers management
  • Transaction management
  • Features management
  • Create/edit profile
  • Add and remove products
  • Create QR code
  • Customer management
  • Employee management
  • Make withdrawals
  • Discount coupons
  • Reward points
  • Promotional offers
  • Push notifications
  • POS integration
  • EMI payment option
  • Easy registration via phone number
  • Link bank account
  • Add balance
  • Transfer money
  • Make bill payments
  • Available offers and discounts
  • Check balance
  • Track reward points
  • Set autopay
  • View transaction history
  • Split bills
  • Receive payments
  • Send invites
  • Earn referral points

Digital Wallet App Development Features

  • Direct access to app account
  • Transaction History
  • Link multiple bank accounts
  • Virtual Card Creation
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • QR Code


  • Advanced analytics
  • Transfer funds
  • Receiving money for product or services
  • NFC technologies
  • Push notifications
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Referral program


How Does An EWallet App Work?

EWallets work as usual wallets but operate online. E-wallet mobile apps allow users to transfer or receive money, buy products and services online, send money using a QR code, and track the history of transactions from a bank account and reward programs in eWallets. Clients simply link their bank account, debit and credit cards, or prepaid and gift cards to their eWallet. It also lets customers pay with their mobile phones, smartwatches, or other gadgets that support this function. In this case, it’s not even necessary to turn on NFC. Wave or tap. That’s all it is.

eWallet App Development Cost Estimation

The cost of eWallet app development services differs depending on the features, tech stack, chosen platform, and complexity as a whole. If you decide to start eWallet app development, you have to consider the following factors that will influence the price and time:


  Integrated Function

  Platform (Android,Ios,Hybrid)

  Technology Stack

Experience and skills of the eWallet app development company

If you want to know the approximate cost of your eWallet mobile app, connect with our team.

eWallet App Development Process​

Goals definition

What do you offer? Why choose you? How to use your app? What problems are you solving? What are your competitive advantages?

Wireframes or mockups building

  • POC
  • MOV
  • Team creating

    iOS/Android app developers, UI/UX designers, QA/QC testers, Project manager


    Native or cross-platform


    Vulnerability management and bug fixing of delivered eWallet app development solutions.


    Launch of digital wallet solutions

    24/7 support

    After-deployment maintenance of mobile app project

    Technology Stack We Use For EWallet App Development


    Flutter, Xamarin, Native mobile development, Angular/React Native, CSS, Javascript, and HTML5


    Phone verification, SMS and Voice:



    MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, and MailChimp Integrations


    Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, and PayUMoney

    Cloud environment:

    AWS, Azure, Salesforce, and Google Cloud

    Push notifications:

    Urban Airship, Push.IO, Amazon SNS, Twilio

    Email management:


    QR codes:

    ZBar code reader

    Real-time analytics:

    Hadoop, Apache Spark, Big Data

    Why Hire For Digital Wallet Application Development?

    We are a recognized eWallet app development services company in London. Our dedicated development team is driven by metrics. As an app development company with great experience in the FinTech domain, we talk numbers, tracking velocity, and executing on a per sprint basis with transparent time logging. Our mobile wallet app developers are dedicated and highly experienced. We are always on the same wavelength with you in the business aspect and ready to walk the extra mile for technological excellence in mobile wallet application development for financial institutions.

    Business to customer

    Build a unique branded payment experiences, reward loyal shoppers and increase conversions!

    • Customize payment flows, layouts, advertising, languages, tax, tipping, receipts, and more!
    • Make it easier to apply discounts, rewards, and one click payments using payment-linked data
    • Avoid common fraud attacks with an AI powered and rule-based risk system

    Multiple Payment Approaches

    Protect your online purchases. Transfer and withdraw funds instantly and securely worldwide!

    e-Wallet Benefits

    • Send and receive money online securely
    • Deposit money locally and pay worldwide.
    • Accept payments on your website instantly
    • Competitive low-transaction fees
    • Easy implementation on your website
    • Secure Data Transfer (SSL Encryption)
    • All common payout methods
    • Multi-currency payment accounts
    • Protect your online purchases, transfer and withdraw funds instantly and securely worldwide
    •  Since the business can reach out to a larger number of customers, the revenue would automatically rise
    • It can be used at most retailers and online stores
    Pay Less, Send More

    Great exchange rates and low fees mean
    more money for you!

    Secure and Reliable

    We are one of the
    largest and most trusted financial
    institutions in Paris.

    No Hidden Fees

    We offer you complete transparency and
    a detailed payment breakdown.

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