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We are Ewallet Payment System Solution Company in Lithuania 
Our Emoney Wallet in Lithuania is a leading all-in-one payment service platform focusing on cross-border payment processing and services. We work with many global banks, payment companies, and remittance companies to provide safe, fast, and stable one-stop cross-border payment and settlement services & solutions for local and international enterprises and e-commerce companies around the world

Advantages of

offering Emoney Wallets

Unlock a potential new customer base

The popularity of mobile gadgets and the easy access to the internet through these devices makes a whole new group of customers comfortable to buy online.

Real-time confirmation for payments

The merchant is notified right after the payment is completed, with the customer not having to wait for hours or days to know if their purchase was confirmed.

More security and convenience

The customers input their data directly on the Emoney Wallet before making any transaction. This makes paying with a digital wallet simpler, safer and easier for everyone.

One integration, multiple wallets

With one single integration, merchants can start working with the main digital wallets from different Lithuania countries offered by Emoney Wallet.

Marketing campaign tracking

Track the whole buyer journey of your customers. After selecting Emoney Wallet, they will be redirected to its app and come back to your website when finished. This way you can measure the ROI from your marketing campaigns.


allows you to use Emoney Wallet cash in a number of places such as train tickets, bus tickets, gas, water, electricity, etc.

How digital wallets work

The customer journey

Choose a digital wallet at checkout

Authorize the payment by entering the digital wallet environment or scanning a QR code through the Emoney Wallet , Both paths lead to the same experience the user is already used to, on the Emoney Wallet environment

Once the payment is confirmed, a confirmation notification is sent right away to the customer’s email.

Be redirected to the merchant website when the payment is completed.

Emoneywallet Solution In Lithuania

  • Delivered value
  • Advanced Document Analysis
  • Document Encryption Analysis
  • Document Biometric Data Scan
  • Individual’s Background and History Check
  • Country of Origin Database Analysis
  • International Database Analysis
  • Bank Account Screening
  • Credit Card Analysis
  • Social Media Profiling
  • Any other custom-tailored solution according to your needs

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