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e-Wallet App Development and Software Solution Company in Thailand

Our e-Money Wallet app and software solution in Thailand can be used anytime and anywhere and it may be the best form of currency to use for international transactions as there is no complexity of currency exchange and it’s also reliable and is faster than paper and draft checks and has low-transaction fees.

  • e-Money mobile payment services offered by non-banks are beginning to gain transaction
  • e-Money has no “shelf life” unlike bank-issued credit cards
  •  providing improved security and greater merchant penetration
  •  e-Money operators have offered incentives such as cash back and rebates to draw users to the platform
  • promotions, convenience and digital receipts while concerns mainly revolved around low merchant adoption, security risks and poor user interface

e-Wallet Mobile App Development Company in Thailand

We create feature-rich and fully-protected e-Wallet application for Android, iPhone and wearable devices. Our e-Wallet application offers a wide range of advanced features, dashboards and management tools.

Banking Software

Our banking software in Thailand supplies the infrastructure to build, deploy, and administer financial products. We also provide stores account holder data in compliance with local law and we are responsible for the look and feel of online and mobile banking, customer self-service portal, and other customer interactions.

Advantages of banking software


With the higher security options, you can be sure that there's no possibility of fraudsters to get access to your account.

Available 24 Hours

The banks have the opportunity to function 24 hours in a day without being physically present to handle all the problems.

Save Time

Using our banking software in there's no need to waste time to go to ATM to withdraw money.

Prepaid Card

Benefits of prepaid card in Thailand

Shop Online
With our prepaid card, you can simply surf between websites, compare prices, and make purchases all in a matter of minutes and the best of all, there aren’t any long lines or grumpy sales clerks to deal with.

Allocate Cash

Our prepaid card in Thailand is excellent organizational and budgeting tool that can help you protect your identity, conserve cash, and save for upcoming expenses.

Direct Deposit
By using our prepaid card in you easily can skip the long lines at the bank, the cheque processing time as well as handling fees associated with them.

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