We integrate and provide eWallet software development services in Philippines that will help you go cashless.

Emoney Wallet Development and Software Solution Company in Philippines

Our eWallet solution in Philippines is one of the new platforms to pay friends, family, and business associates with an eWallet account. With our emoney Wallet app and software, each user can add money by linking a bank account.

Also, managing money on their phone or computer with our eWallet dashboard for your checking account, credit card debt, Insurance, student loans, and investments .It’s fast and easy to enter all your transactions in a clean intuitive user interface

Emoney Wallet Mobile App Development Company

We create feature-rich and fully-protected eWallet Application for Android, iPhone and Wearable Devices. Our eWallet application offers a wide range of advanced features, dashboards and management tools.

Advantages of Emoney Wallet

Convenience for consumers

Quick transfer of funds

Offers more security

Worldwide accepted

Banking Software

Advantages of Banking Software

24/7 Availability
  • The key advantage of our banking software in Philippines is that the customers can make transactions anytime. They could access their account from anywhere.
Reduction in Cost of Operation
  • Our system able to reduce the workforce that a bank requires at each branch in Philippines to run its operations professionally.
Secure Transactions
  • Any transactions made online are very secure. Our banking software provides security against direct hacking, as the data while being transferred on the network is encrypted.

Prepaid Card

Our prepaid card services in Philippines requires you to top up in advance before you can use it. Therefore, user can’t spend more than from the amount that loaded to the prepaid card to avoids overspending.

All you have to do is choose the prepaid card of your choice, load it up, and start paying for everything you need—bill payments, shopping, everyday purchases, or travel expenses.

Why needs choose our of Prepaid Cards?

Greater Security

Our prepaid card facility offers you greater protection on virtue that you only stand to lose the money you’ve preloaded.

No Interest Rates

Each card that’s issued is given a separate card number that isn’t associated with a company bank account or credit limit.

Budget Control

You can easily track your expenses by receiving text or email alerts every time you use the card and get daily balance updates.

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