A digital wallet that makes managing your money quick, easy and secure

You can easily accept online payments on any device or channel whatever the business model is. Be up and running quickly and you can also add payment methods easily and increase your conversion rates in no time!

We bring a global scale payment to locally grown enterprises

For ambitious companies around the world, e-Money wallet in Malta makes payment fast, simple, and borderless. And so with our e-Money Wallet, we make it easier to integrate and cater to our local merchants to run their businesses online. More so, you can expect a support team that understands business starting from startups to large enterprises.

Credit and Debit POS Terminals

  • We offer a wide variety of best class credit and debit payment terminals 
  • We can build custom proprietary payment applications for the ultimate flexibility and customization
  • We are more than just a supplier. We are a dynamic and effective processing partner
  • Our in-house payment software development and terminal certification team are dedicated to helping you build and integrate complex payment processing features rapidly and affordably

Risk Management

Our team of experts can help you implement fraud and risk management processes that will ensure the sustainability of your account in some of the most complex payment processing environments. Thanks to our extensive expertise and our guidance in the use of the best practices in service delivery and transaction monitoring which surely, we can help you reduce fraud and chargebacks while increasing sales.

Payment methods

Digital wallets

Manage online transactions via secure transfer of funds stored in digital wallets from major service providers


Open your business to the world by accepting e-Commerce payments from a variety of card providers including China’s UnionPay and Bancontact

Bank transfer
Accept secure online bank transfers on your e-Commerce site with support from service providers

Why Choose Us? 

Unlike other integrated payment solutions, our e-Money Wallet acts as a true partner in the growth of your company because our expert staff will be on-call to help you in every step of the way—from implementation to ongoing operations.

Our Global Solutions team will get you up and running in weeks (not years).

Our customer success team ensures you are fully equipped to make the most of our platform.

Your dedicated Account Manager will provide additional support and help guide you through every step of the journey.

We provide specific solutions corresponding to your business needs

We and our global partners have more than 10 years’ banking and technology
experience as we assist with utmost level of levering the technology to finance and other SME industries.