Connect a Prepaid Card

Our e-Money Wallet in London is a new way to pay friends, family, and business associates. With our e-Money Wallet, each user can add money by linking their bank account and can easily manage money on their phone or computer with our e-Money Wallet dashboard is made simple!

Connect a Card

Our e-Money Wallet card is easily paired with our prepaid card. The e-Money Wallet issued MasterCard cards can be easily used online or at any store that accepts MasterCard, allowing you an easy access to your e-Money Wallet account balance.

Trusted Reputation

Our e-Money Wallet in London has been recognized time and time again for our award-winning payment solutions.

Certified Security

e-Money Wallet is certified globally for safe and secure payment solutions. When you partner with e-Money Wallet, you can trust that your payment processing and data are protected.

e-Money Wallet Benefits

  • Send and receive money online securely
  • Deposit money locally and pay worldwide
  • Accept payments on your website instantly
  • Competitive low-transaction fees
  • Easy implementation on your website
  • Secure Data Transfer (SSL Encryption)
  • All common payout methods
  • Multi-currency payment accounts



Food and Beverage


Public Service 



Financial Institutions

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