e-Wallet transactions have become very common in today’s economy. Why? Because not only it is a convenient payment option but is also hassle-free and secure to use. The trend of e-Wallet mobile app development is increasing day by day and only the best e-Wallet development company in Estonia knows the right way to frame the roadmap and implement it to urge maximum users—from making every day transactions super fast and hassle-free whether it’s B2B, B2C or running errands from paying for food to paying car rents. With us at e-Money, we offer the best to its customers.

Why do leading online businesses choose us?

e-Money Wallet solution in Estonia is more than just an online payment service provider, e-payments platform or payment company — we’re the best e-Wallet solution company in Estonia and we are your reliable payment partner because we help our clients to achieve their business goals, tailoring every solution in our payments arsenal to create a bespoke financial and technical solution.

e-Money Wallet solutions in Estonia is a worldwide payment service provider and direct acquirer, licensed, and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). We work with medium and large e-Commerce businesses around the world.

Expertise to protect your business

Only highly specialized professionals like the team at e-Money wallet solutions in Estonia, you can build fully customized payments solutions in complex emerging markets. We work hand-in-hand with every client to develop payments solutions tailored to your needs – whether you’re looking for advice on local industry regulations, tax efficiency, supporting your regional customers, or implementing our system.

Cashless society begins with you
and goes beyond the border

Accept Payment

Your merchant may accept cashless payment by showing their QR code

Balance Transfer

Your users may share their balance together with their friends

Transaction List

Check transaction history to keep track of your activity (both merchants and users)

Quick Reload

Your users can quickly reload their wallet by saving their debit/credit card details

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make your e-Money Wallet clear and organized

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