e-Money Wallet professional services in Belize

Our professional services team in Belize helps you to accelerate the time to value your payments programs by speeding and scaling the success of your payments programs.

Our professional service offerings are as diverse as the customers they support. The following are a few of the most common engagements our team supports and we’re always open to discussing your specific needs to find the right mix to meet your payment goals.

We, as e-Money Wallet providers in Belize launched a convenient and speedy e-Money wallet solution called QR Pay. It allows users to send and receive money instantly from your bank account and even monitor their business transactions conveniently on-the-go. Additionally, we also offer a bank-to-bank transfer app that makes online purchases possible directly from the bank in Belize without needing to download a third-party app. When users use our e-Wallet, direct deduction takes place from account savings and current account and the immediate credit balance is transparent to the merchant.

We’re here to improve your financial life.

Offer a better cross-border payment solution and e-Money Wallet handles the complexity of global compliance, operations, and regulatory requirements for your convenience.

Getting started is fast and easy:

  • Use our web dashboard to upload individual or batch payments and the great news is, there’s no technical integration required!
  • Turn costly cross-border wires into a profitable product offering
  • Speed up transfers and offer real-time and same-day payment capabilities
  • Stay in control of your FX strategy
  • Replace outdated technology and eliminate partnership network fees by upgrading to an innovative platform
  • Provide more transparency to customers with global tracking and advanced reporting capabilities

Cashless society begins with you and
goes beyond border

Accept Payment

immediately, your merchant may accept cashless payment by showing their QR code

Balance Transfer

Your users may share their balance together with their friends easily

Transaction List

In fact, you can check transaction history to keep track of your activities 

Quick Reload

Your users can quickly reload their wallet by saving their debit/credit card details


Plugging into the Open Money Network can reduce the complexity of cross-border payments. indeed, we make it easy to offer your customers an overseas money transfer service.

Easy transfers:
Easily move money between your online savings account and your other accounts, including accounts outside Alliant

Mobile check deposit:
Use your smartphone to make deposits from anywhere!

World Coverage:
Earn more money with no maximum balance limit

Ready to scale your business?

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