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  • API documentations
  • API credentials
  • Access to our test environment.
  • Pre-built API clients for different platforms
  • Pre-certification test scenarios
  • You are set to go!

We have invested a lot of time to provide you a thorough and easy to understand API documentation. Please read through it thoroughly in order to handle the differences in the setup of each payable service and the different service types.

Try out our API by using one of our pre-built API clients for various platforms. Alternatively, you can send a request via a command line or tools like URL and postman. Also, feel free to integrate your official clients into your solution.

In addition to our API documentation, we also provide the entire API in machine readable format. This should enable you to quickly build prototype and implement the API client.

Master data (merchants, services, products, and top-ups) shall not be modified frequently. Therefore, we recommend you to store this data locally. A local cache will also allow you to apply local filters for services and products you want to support.

It is recommended that you update your cache regularly to ensure that you have access to all services.

Integrate e-Money Wallets into your application and service flows. In particular, note that the service specific requirements are handled appropriately. e-Money Wallets will send you the payment information in local currency as well as in the system currency of your account.

Our technical team shall immediately certify your integration for productive use once you inform us of the completion of the above steps. Simply contact us to setup a joint work session for your certification process.

Test scenarios are provided as part of the API Integration package shall be used during certification.

We shall provide you with API keys for the production environment after successful completion of the certification process.

Planning for reconciliation

Our API provides you access to a full list of your transactions performed. Please reconcile your internal transaction journal with the records from the e-Money Wallets transaction history.

We recommend that the reconciliation be done automatically on a daily basis. You are responsible to address any differences if identified.